Audio / Video Services

Audio Digital Design provides you with expert knowledge of audio systems and home automation controllers, to provide you with excellent services with minimal hassel with fast and quality installs.

  • TV mounting and installation
  • Projector systems with screen installing
  • Speaker and Reciever configuration and installation
  • Universal Remote programming
  • Universal Control Home Automation Systems
  • VOIP Phone systems
  • IP Camera Systems
  • Lighting and Window Shading Systems
  • Install Wifi Routers, Access Points
  • Sonos
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Residential and Commerical

Audio Sound Systems

We provide top quality speakers and reciever systems at affordable prices, from quality brands such as Bose, Samsung, LG. We provide services to install speakers (mounted in walls/ceilings) and run the cables to the reciever. Then we configure the system to your desire and allow you to have TV, iPod, Sonos systems, and more to output to your system. This system can also be used for multiple zones which allows you to have two seperate sources playing in different rooms or speaker zones.

TV and Remote Systems

Specializing in TV and Universal Remote systems, we can mount and install TV systems safely and securely and configure the TV to work with a new or old sound system. With a Universial Remote, the hassel of changing from cable TV to a DVD system is a simple as three buttons, instead of using two to three remotes. These remotes can also be installed in any system, new or old, as long as the components work properly and use IR / RF communications.

Home Automation Systems

A step up from just controlling your TV and DVD player, have you ever imagined being able to control much more than that? We provide services to install a Home Automation Processor which can control multiple TVs, Audio Systems, Lighting and Shading Systems, Alarm and Camera Systems, HVAC and more. Using a Universeal Remote or even your phone and iPad, we can allow you to control your entire hosue remotely even if you aren't home.

Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Tired of your old analog phone system? Paying way too much from your telephone provider? We provide you with the option of using VOIP Phones which have better quality voice and are much more reliable and less complex than standard analog phones. Using your internet provider, these phone systems can provide single and multiple lines and have new features to improve your home or business as well as costing much less and installed for much cheaper than other standard providers.

IP Camera Security Systems

Are you secure? Do you know whos at the door or who is walking around your business or home? Security is crucial especially when you need to protect your business or home so why let yourself be vunerable and not protect yourself with a camera survelance system. We install the highest quality camera systems using your IP network to give you the best image and protection for your home or business. You can view your camera system on your phone live as well as playback from days, weeks and even months ago to always be sure that you're protected from the unexpected.